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The publications below include forensic, fisheries, and wildlife applications of genetics and genomics, and provide technical detail on our methods. 

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Pope AM, SM Carr, KN Smith, & HD Marshall. 2011. Mitogenomic and microsatellite variation in descendants of the founder population of Newfoundland: high genetic diversity in an historically isolated population. Genome, 54,110-119. [PDF]

SM Carr, AT Duggan, & HD Marshall. 2009. Iterative DNA sequencing on microarrays: a high-throughput NextGen technology for ecological and evolutionary mitogenomics. Laboratory Focus 13, 8-12. [PDF]

HD Marshall, MW Coulson, & SM Carr. 2008. Near neutrality, rate heterogeneity, and linkage govern mitochondrial genome evolution in Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua) and other gadine fish. Molecular Biology & Evolution 26, 579-589. [PDF]

SM Carr & HD Marshall. 2008. Phylogeographic analysis of complete mtDNA genomes from Walleye pollock (Gadus chalcogrammus Pallas, 1811) shows an ancient origin of genetic biodiversity. Mitochondrial DNA 19, 490-496. [PDF]

SM Carr & HD Marshall. 2008. Intraspecific phylogeographic genomics from multiple complete mtDNA genomes in Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua): Origins of the “Codmother,” trans-Atlantic vicariance, and mid-glacial population expansion. Genetics 108, 381-389. [PDF]

SM Carr, HD Marshall, AT Duggan, SMC Flynn, KA Johnstone, AMPope, & CD Wilkerson. 2008. Phylogeographic genomics of mitochondrial DNA: patterns of intraspecific evolution and a multi-species, microarray-based DNA sequencing strategy for biodiversity studies. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, D: Genomics and Proteomics 3,1-11. [PDF]

SMC Flynn & SM Carr. 2007. Interspecies hybridization on DNA resequencing microarrays: efficiency of sequence recovery and accuracy of SNP detection in human, ape, and codfish mitochondrial DNA genomes sequenced on a human-specific MitoChip. BMC Genomics 8, 339. [PDF]

KA Johnstone, HD Marshall, & SM Carr. 2007. Biodiversity genomics for Species At Risk: patterns of DNA sequence variation within and among complete mitochondrial DNA genomes of three species of Wolffish (Anarhichas spp.). Canadian Journal of Zoology 85,151-158. [PDF]

HD Marshall, KA Johnstone, & SM Carr. 2006.
Species-specific oligonucleotides and multiplex PCR for forensic discrimination of two species of scallops, Placopecten magellanicus and Chlamys islandica. Forensic Science International 167,1-7. [PDF]

MW Coulson, HD Marshall, P Pepin & SM Carr. 2006. Mitochondrial phylogeographic genomics of gadine fish: Implications for taxonomy and biogeographic origins. Genome 49,1115-1130. [PDF]

SM Carr, HD Marshall, KA Johnstone, LM Pynn, and GB Stenson. 2002. How to tell a sea monster: Molecular discrimination of large marine animals of the North Atlantic. The Biological Bulletin 202,1-5. [PDF]

Useful Web Links
Biol2250 - Principles of Genetics
On-line notes for Dr Carr's Principles of Genetics course at Memorial University.
Provides useful background on classical and molecular genetics

Biol3950 - Principles of Genetic Biotechnology

On-line notes for Dr Marshall's course in DNA Biotechnology.
A prime source for in-depth discussion of DNA as a forensic tool.

We will be updating these links frequently so be sure to check back often.