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We offer DNA sequence analysis of biological specimens of unknown or uncertain origin, for the purpose of identification to species. Examples include (1) Identification of the species of origin of fish remains seized in cases of suspected out-of-season poaching, (2) Identification of species in mixed lots of commercial fish products, where adulteration is suspected, (3) Identification of blood to species, where blood spoors may point to criminal activity, and (4) Identification to species of wildlife or fisheries materials where external identifiers (skin, scale, feathers, or hair) have been removed.


New biotechnologies developed by us make it possible to identify distinct individuals within species, and to make unambiguous associations between fisheries or wildlife material left at a crime scene, and evidence seized elsewhere. For example, animal carcasses or fish guts at a poaching site can be identified with meat or fillets seized elsewhere. Our method is much faster and more accurate than conventional microsatellite methods.


  • Development of academic biotechnology as applied industrial methods
  • Development and licensing of Intellectual Property (IP) in new biotechnologies
  • Development of grants & contracts to aid industry, government agency, and private business